Thursday, September 4, 2008

...We're still alive!

I used to be so good at this... but lately, I've been the worst blogger ever!
Things have happened in our lives...
First of all... WE PIERCED LILY'S EARS! Some of you may be thinking I'm the worst mom ever, but I think there is no better time to do it than when they are little little. The reason is solely this: they won't tug, pull, and fidget with the earrings to cause any infection!

We just went to Claire's, and they actually did a wonderful job...
This is the actual second before the piercing...
Poor Lily Belle... (but look how cute her ears are!) ;)
Looks like she's doin ok with Dad!

Secondly, here are just a couple of pictures of our new house! I actually want to take a little tour video of the house and post it... I think that will be more fun to see, I just have yet to do it!

One of my favorite things about this house it that it faces East and West... you can see that it has a lot of windows and the sun just lights it up so well. These pics are only of the kitchen/living room... it's very open, which I love! The house definitely need paint though...
I also am obsessed with the hand scraped hard wood floors!
We just hit our THIRD year! AUGUST 25th 2005!
It feels so much longer than that because we have actually been together since 2002 (six years)!
It's crazy how much has happened for him and I in six years...mainly Lily.

Grady took me to Park City for the night, we went to dinner and stayed at the Deer Valley club. It was beautiful. In the morning spent some time by the pool, then he took me to the Stein-Erikson lodge for the most incredible brunch I've ever seen or eaten in my life! (It put every country club I'd ever eaten at to shame!) I love you so much baby... good work this year!

Lastly, I introduced solids to Lily! This clip is cute, I don't think she knows what to do with the food except for to wear it!