Friday, August 15, 2008

The Bumbo!

Best invention known to The Baby! Every parent must own this and if you don't, go buy it! Lil loves the Bumbo; I love the BUMBO! Check my crazy baby out! Sittin up like a BIG girl for only $40 dollars!
She's got her Bling Bling and my shades! Could she get any cooler? She is So popular! "Who wants to have lunch with me in my San Diego sun hat? Anyone?"
BUMBO goes boating! She loves to sit in it naked and have water poured on her like a princess in the summer sun! And I just thought this was a cute non-bumbo pic... (taken on the day we moved! More on the NEW house to be continued...)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Dad, Lily's Beloved Grandpa Don

This is a super emotional post. This is Grady's father Don, married to his mother Fairy, who just passed away on July 26th 2008. Don was so incredible. He truly was the most Christ-like person I knew. He passed away during the Spud Man Triathlon in Idaho. He was only in the beginning of the swim, (a little over a tenth of the way into it), when he passed away. Don lead the wave he was in when he suddenly stopped swimming. Two women swam over to him and asked him if he was ok. They reported that he could not speak or respond to them. They said that his eyes were open under his goggles, he had a peaceful look on his face, and then he started sinking. The women tried to keep his body afloat, but were not strong enough. Don was only 60 years old. The autopsy was inconclusive. It actually stated that Don had the heart of a 25 year old. I believe now, that Heavenly Father took him because he needed Don in Heaven. I believe that Don's work here on Earth was completed with emese success and that he lived his life to the fullest. I absolutly love and admire Don, and with every part of me want to strive to live my life like he lived his.
(about 1 mo. ago)
I think this is the hardest part for me. Knowing that my little Lily, will never have the opportunity to know how great of a man her Grandpa was. Of course, I will teach her all I can about him, but I was really looking forward to all the things he had instore for her! I am so thankful that he had the opportunity, in her short life of 4 months, to take her for 12 hours, just her and him, while I was at work. He adored Lily, and I know he adored having her all to his self. I believe that Lily visits him while she sleeps. I kinda feel like babies haven't passed through the veil completly yet.
(our wedding)
Don was the most giving man in the world. He just barely suprised Grady with a new BBQ for his birthday because he knew we were having a backyard BBQ party with Grady's friends. Don was always doing things like that. I wish I had enough room to list all the giving things he has done for us, but the post would take way to long to load! But more importantly, I wish I had enough room to tell you how much he has changed my life. If I honestly could make it to be as good of a man as he was, I will have reached a point in life where I could be "beamed" up to Heaven as he was!
Grady and I bought Don and Fairy Family pictures for Christmas because it was about ten years ago since the last time they had them taken. We just barely had them done about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Don was so thankful for them. If he had any idea how thankful we were to have taken them! These are so precious to us. (You might have remembered my post a couple times back, these were on the say day.)
Fairy is doing just ok. Somedays she is strong, and others, well, they are just hard. Don will never, ever be forgotten. And I hope we never forget how much he loved us. I hope we never loose sight of how he lived his life. He was such and example. I believe Don lived a wonderful successful life, and I am so thankful he was my father-in-law. He was incredible, I live you Don.

Don's 60th Birthday bash at TGI Friday's. You can see how much he was loved just by this short clip. (Look at how many people came to his birthday.) Don was the CEO of the TGI friday's franchise here in Utah and Idaho. He also owned all the Winger's resturants. Don was successful with his work, but always put his family before anything else. In his honor,

" Love in your heart wasn't meant there to stay, Love isn't love till you give it away!"