Sunday, July 13, 2008

So much has happened! So much to say...

It's been a little since my last post and I have so much news! Here it is in order from most recent to least recent:

1. I'M BOTOX AND JUVEDERM (dermal fillers) CERITIFIED!!! So all you ladies reading this, (and men), if you hate your wrinkles: POOOF! Be gone! These products are so amazing! Ok, I just want to say that I have done an extensive amount of research on the products and I'm in love. Mind you, I do have a BSN in Nursing... so I DO have a clue on the biochemical reactions that take place with the products and THEY ARE TOTALLY SAFE AND STAND BY WHAT THEY DO! Botox itself, simply relaxes the facial muscles so that you cannot form the unwanted wrinkles that age us, and Juvederm is a Dermal Filler. It replaces the collagen matrix that has been destroyed with sun and age, filling in those wrinkles and making the face look more youthful. Excited??? You should be! Call me if you want to know more, I'll keep it confidential and give you the info you've always wanted to know!!!

2. Thank You LouandLee! My Friend Ann is so Talented! Look at Lily's headband...AMAZING. She makes these. But they are different from the bows you see in girly boutiques because she hand crafts them all with felt. They are just beautiful. You can look at her stuff by clicking on Ann's blog through my links.
Lily is holding up her head so well now. She also has discovered her feet, and is sleeping TWELVE hours a night! From 9pm to 9am. She's an Angel.

3. We Sold Our House!!!! Thank the Lord cuz our neighborhood was really starting to KILL me! We also put an offer on a new beautiful home and it was accepted so we are also under contract with another house! It is SO much better than the one we are in now! I'll post pictures of it once it's ours! Just a little about it: It has all liveable space, hand carved hard wood floors and tile, a huge master suite with walk-in closest, jacuzzi tub, and separate shower, four car garage, and four bedrooms! We are so extremely excited!

BYE, BYE OLD HOUSE... We will miss you... or will we??? Maybe just the good times and parties we had in it! Here are a few inside pics of the old house! Can't wait to compare them to the new one!

4. Just a little ditty about our Fourth of July (my birthday)... I started the day with the 10K. It was awesome, but I almost died the next 2 days after from sore out of shape muscles. Grady drove the fire truck in the parade and then we watched it. We BBQ'd w/ G's family, then of course took the boat out. Good day! Good birthday! Lastly we went to STADIUM OF FIRE, Fire, fire!!! You must see this video... and no, it was not the grand finale! But it WAS the most incredible firework show I'd ever seen in my life! Seriously. You'll see:

Lil in her Red, White, and Blue!
Lastly, 5. Grady's Softball is over :( And ended in a BRAWL! K, so it all was good, the wives and children watching the game, having a good time, and eating popsicles while our hubbies were winning. Then suddenly, the other team got pissed about one of our guys bumping into him while rounding the bases and started shoving our first base runner! Next thing we know... BOTH TEAMS WERE IN A FULL ON BRAWL! It looked like a Tazmanian Devil cloud of dust out there and we, (the wives), were trying to hide the children from the rage! One guy from the other team stomped on one of our guys' face with a cleat, then came running after our other team members with a baseball bat! It was out of control! We called the cops and he, (the crazy other team member), is having charges pressed! OVER A FREAKING RECREATIONAL SOFTBALL GAME!!! Goes to show what pride and jealously do...
Here we are: happy and watching the game... I didn't get a pic of us after the fight. Maybe cuz we were mad too amp'd up!

Our team member, Chris, and his black eye from the wild cleat stomping! WTF right?

That's everything new for now...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Family Pics!

Last Sunday we went to Vivian park up the canyon and had the entire family, (on Grady's mom's side), take family pics. Here are a few of the pics from our camera that Fairy cought of just the Wroblewski's.
This is the only outfit we brought! We were so hot though that the Provo River, (I like to call it a creek), was super refreshing.
We are such Posers!
Amazing, I know. She has the most delicate little features.
Notice the clear drewl from her chin... she's been makin a lot of that lately.
G likes to look hard core in his pics :)
But he's actually pretty tender with his little lady.

Creek walking was definatly the best part!