Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yesterday, June 25th, G turned 30 freaking 2! We had a huge BBQ at our house in the backyard with all his buddies for food and poker. Gavin (left) and Ray (right) called and asked me what Grady was wearing and they showed up in the same outfit... tipical jokesters! It was rather commical. All the boys got a little roudy, as you can imagine. Grady is holding a platter that Gavin stole from our house to "wrap" his gift in... Gav gave Grady the usual for his birthday: a couple bottles of flat black spray paint, a motorcross dvd, and a hat. Thanks Gav. What a friend. Anyway, Grady had a blast with the boys eating, drinking, joking, making fun of each other, and listening to 80's rock.
P.S. Ray sings the best Happy Birthday songs... you should invite him to your birthday!

This is why we are summer people... forever.

I feel like a whole new person now that summer is here. Grady and I honestly live for it! This IS our absolute favorite thing to do with our time. Saturday was a blast with the friends... Boating all day long, and yes, Lily comes too, she loves it! Here are a couple of pics just to entice YOU to come too...
(P.S. if you are reading this and want to come on the boat... all you have to do is call! Self invitations ARE welcome... we want to go as much as we can, I'm serious!)
My Little sun goddess... She has a diaper tan line already! It's so cute.
The more ladies, the merrier!

After boating, we headed straight over to Ashley's house for a backyard BBQ and more swimming. No need to get cleaned up! Summer is the best!

Tiffany is BACK!!!

It's just not cool when the one girl you grow closest to ups and moves away. But she is back! Tiffany moved to Az for six months to work and I almost died! I'm so happy her beautiful face is back where I can see it when I want to! Especially for summer. I just love her!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Love, Lily

Grady was so SICK of everything being pink, so I decided to make Lily some onesies that he will love... However, I had to add a feminine touch by adding a little Swarovski Crystal! (Of course)
Above is GNR...

Grady's Absolute Favorite Band...

This one I love... it's Ozzy Ozborne! Daddy loves pink now!

And last, of course, the band KISS! They were so fun to make, and he thought it was the coolest father's day gift a daughter could give!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kick and Play!

Lily's wild! Check her out at 9 weeks! She's getting so FUN! But, you gotta tune OUT my voice... it's super annoying baby talk, sorry!

The Sexiest Man with the Prettiest Baby!

Lily went for her second boat ride ever. ...The sad part is that it was our second boat ride of the season too cuz utah's weather sucks A this summer! Or wait, what summer???? What a joke it's June! This was also her first time in a swimming pool! ...But how bout the man in the pictures?! That's what I'm talkin about!

Sex and the City!

If you haven't done so... GO SEE IT! I don't even watch the show, but after the movie, I'm pretty sure I might rent the entire season to catch up! The Lady Friends made a night of it and got all dressed up! Just warning though... there are some pretty scandelous scenes... and I loved them all! (you know me... of course i would!)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Set to be Spoiled!

Have you seen Lily's room?! It's Hollywood! She has Rodeo Drive Shopper Girl bedding! (What a disaster right?) But it's so adorable! Light pink, black and cream. Wish this picture did it justice.